1 Jun 2007

Moving Home

Ok so May didn't go according to plan for the posting rate but I did accomplish one thing and it's finally decided. I'm sticking with the mirrored copy of this blog on WordPress.com and will no longer update on Blogger.

Please update your bookmarks / feed reader with the following:

Jim Bytes - Doing I.T. in Dublin!

RSS for Posts

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With new themes, plugins and a more active development and user community WordPress is the place for me to be so bye bye Blogger.

See y'all on the other side!

P.S Blogger, the word verification and supposed auto-save for posts not working in my Firefox was the final straw.

5 May 2007

WordPress Magic Button ....my arse!

Oh the joys of blogging eh! Over the past few months I've gone from resisting a move to the new Blogger ( until forced ) to trying out WordPress 2.1 on a free hosting provider that said they supported PHP & MySQL (only to delete my test WordPress database after just a week for no apparent reason) to ending up mirrored on WordPress.com. Phew!!

While transferring the existing Blogger posts to WordPress I used the so called Magic Button and it worked sweet as a nut first time. A couple days later though I decided to try it again to bring in posts added since the original transfer ...man was that a mistake.

Here's what happened when I clicked the so called Magic Button for the second time.

Duplicates OnWordPress.com Import from Blogger

I ended up with around 100 duplicated posts that had to be picked through and manually removed. I'd read about this problem about 6 weeks prior and with no update thought safe to assume that it had been sorted. I think Twenty had similar problems with his earlier move.

Bad form WordPress. With the rate the hosted offering is growing, these teething problems , particularly with transfers from the more popular platforms should be getting sorted a damn site quicker.

So, be warned, don't press the Magic Button twice!

27 Apr 2007

Nope, not dead...just been taking a long break!

Who said this blog was dead, eh? I've just been taking a really long break, mostly due to work.

So what have I been up to since early March? Well myself and Melloney spent almost a week in Galway on a nice getaway (though it was the second week of the still on-going drinking water crisis, so we had to be really careful!), the remainder of the month just flew by with work.

Early April saw me cross the pond with work for a week in the Boston area, well Burlington, about 30 mins from the city. I did get to spend Easter weekend in the city and despite the freezing temps managed to see a lot of the sites!

Since returning to work I've been upskilling in Crystal Reports and Business Objects (BOBJ)..exciting stuff! I've also mirrored this blog on Wordpress.com with a nice new look. Why you ask? Well it's all the fun of Wordpress without the hosting costs! I'll probably dual post for a while before an eventual changeover so update your bookmarks/feeds when I give the word!

That's all folks. Here's to more frequent May dated posts and a summer of happy blogging ;-)

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2 Mar 2007

Friday Office Fun!

Voting closes at 4.30 today !

25 Feb 2007

Ringtones coming on iTunes ...or...Jobs is a Genius!

The big TechCrunch story yesterday was the news that Apple are likely to start selling ringtones on iTunes to coincide with the release of the iPhone. I think it's a very natural step and the video linked provides some compelling evidence. Judge for yourselves.

Jobs really is a genius. Since dropping the Computers piece of the Apple name and rebranding as a media company, this would appear to be a killer move on their part to further dominate in the mobile media world.

As for Mike Arrington's dismissal of consumer opinion on the high pricing, well I wouldn't be so quick to do so.

This news comes as others are talking about the price of the iPhone, which studies are sayingis too high for consumers to stomach. My instincts tell me the studies are meaningless, though, and that Apple will sell these things as fast as they can produce them in Taiwan.

These pro bloggers eh, what happened to listening to the consumer? Yeah they'll sell, but not like the iPod, until the price drops, period.

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